heart of the winter

The shortest day of the cycle. In Germany, that’s today – that is, the 22nd, not the 21st like I’d assumed. So today is the heart of the winter, the longest night of the year, the turning point towards spring and summer.

Winter is usually not a good time for me – every year I have the winter blues. I don’t know if it’s because of the darkness or the cold or another year coming to an end or something else, but I inevitably become restless, sad and unfocused around mid-November. This year was different, insofar that I was so immersed in school work that I didn’t even have the time to get the blues until December. Then I had days of feeling hollow, like something was missing – lonely and unmotivated and anxious. Thankfully those days passed and nowadays I am rested, alert and content.

On Monday I made the vegetable lasagna that I said I would. 20151221_150516

One thing I learned by trying to make ricotta cheese at home: don’t scrimp on white wine vinegar.

It shouldn’t have surprised me, considering that there are 2 kg vegetables in there. But it was quite vegetable-juicy and even a small portion was very filling.

I made quite a mess, and it took me over an hour to clean everything up.

I have this annoying habit of planning all sorts of things I want to do in my free time, and when I actually have some free time, I can never decide on what I want to do, so every activity I’d planned ends up losing its appeal because I’m never sure if this is what I want to do most or if I should rather do that. The truth is, the anticipation in my head is a lot more fun than the actual execution.

I don’t want to make plans; I just want to be faithful to the present.

Happy winter, everyone.


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