off the cliff

Finally finding myself
Looking the way I want to
Behaving the way I feel like
Saying the way I think

No longer trying to break out of my skin
Ambiguity, uncertainty, contradictory
Fluidity, identities, changes –
Welcome! Be a part of me!

So there I am, all parts assembled together
The world embraces me the way I am
Finally being who I want to be
Surrounded by encouragements and smiles
All I ever wanted – so why am I not running to the center?
Why am I afraid to touch me, to embrace me?

Look, a mirage, I might disappear when I get too close
What if this is all a dream, too sweet to wake up from?

The trained response to duck my head
Blend in, don’t cause a scene
Hiding in my own shadows
Afraid of the full light showcasing all of me

I don’t I don’t I don’t

I don’t wanna live that way anymore
I’m not running away anymore
The only person I can be is me
There’s no wrong or no right way

Throw up your arms, let that laugh burst out
Rejoice in the self-discovery
Your delight has been buried for so long
Hug me tight, lift me up, toss me in the air
I’m not going anywhere; you’ll always be there

Numbers don’t brand you
Words don’t define you
They are there, but what are you going to do with them?

It’s as hard to face the light as it is to face the dark
It’s as scary to see every corner as it is to see none

You’re more than the sum of your faults, your virtues
Don’t be afraid of yourself; it’s okay to look
Your life is more than what you’re good at
Leave a piece of yourself in everything you do
I promise, there’s an unimagined hugeness of you

You’ve already got the key
Lift it up, close it in your fist
Push it in, gently
Turn it, deliberately
A step back, then leap off

A whole of You is waiting for you


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