fingertips(‘) touch

Sleepiness is the sweet embrace
Warmth and softness lure me
Invite me to sink in, into oblivion I go
But I roll out, the day’s waiting for me

A sharp, clean tang
Walking all the way around
A tall, lean shadow
You seem to need my help more than usual
Stretching your stiff joints – twice! –
A couple of inch of flat stomach lined with fine hair
(Oh, yes, I was impressed)
You sure seem to have creaky joints

Your face crinkles into laughter
I really must be a fountain of humor
Law stories make juicy gossip
Though it was a hell of a place for me
Wild gestures, chin on the thermo
You let me talk and talk and talk
And I thank you
And I am sorry

A nervous anticipation
(I’m fine)
A sudden jump in the stomach
I deliberately raise my face
Make eye contact
So you do sit next to another person
(Next to me)
Your long legs fit poorly under the desk
(I’m so grateful for my smallness now)
You talk with your friend next to you
My jumpiness settles down
Comfort spreads over me
(I still sense you)
See, I was right. Your presence doesn’t
Send me into sexual frenzy
You’re just my sedative
(Am I using you?)
I’m good with that
We need no talk, we need no touch
Having you near me is enough
(Then why did I feel the sudden emptiness after you said goodbye?)

Clean blast of cold air clears my head
Beautiful night, happy night
A wish for more but it harm none
Or I musn’t what I wil
Precious memories of connection. The best kind.


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