a smudge

Squint if you want to see me
Focus if you want to hear me
Be still if you want to feel me

I am the gray sky in a rainy weather
I am the blank page on a white wall
I am the blurry object in a photograph

I don’t bite but I refuse to conform
I’ll answer but I won’t stay if you’d rather be distracted
Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m empty

I’m not all bright colors or flashy glitters
I’m no fresh breath of air
No I blend in, I observe, I think

Three streams have met together and merged
I am the hot spring of East and West
I am not special. I’m just me

You don’t ignore me. You don’t see me
I make that happen, on purpose, partly
I don’t want to be noticed because if I am, you’ll expect me to say something clever.

I don’t have anything clever to say.

I am a smudge, rarely seen and easily forgotten, until
someone tries to rub me away


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