wasteland of my mind

Walking barefoot through the wasteland of my mind
A red trail of life carelessly left behind
The sounds that penetrate me
And the movements my body makes
Sensuality fills me up – expands me!
Fear cannot take root
Anxiety cannot take a breath
There is no room for judgment, for hesitation, for consideration
Only me, my desire, my curiosity
I must explore, leap into fire, jump into frigid water, open up my veins
And celebrate

There is nothing here
Nothing but skulls, bones, decaying flesh, crushed stones
There is no limit, no rules
There is no pain, only experience
No danger, only excitement
No future, only now.

Reason is my considerate lover
She leaves me in chains
Because she knows how much I like being tied up
She turns off the lights, locks the door
But she always returns to me
Unlocks the bonds, rains kisses down my arm
A dance of seduction
A perfect merging in the mind
She steps in with me
And carelessly flings the door shut

We have left the reality behind

You crave this, you want me
What I can offer you
That complete abandon
That thrilling jump off the cliff
We are free-born
Nothing can hurt us
At least we’ll die in ecstasy
You are a tamed beast
But you writhe in your invisible chains of convention, promises, structure
Let go, let go, letgo of the people you hold onto
They don’t matter no one matters
Nothing matters but that we feel
Take me, rise over me, make me moan, move with me, fill me with all you have, let go of that
Become a beast once again

Aren’t we all two-faced creatures?
Beasts in suits and dresses and socks
We still connect with the animal in us

It’s a choice for you
Choose to go back
Choose to lock me up
Choose to forget me
You’re just afraid you’ll forget yourself and stay forever with me
I am not the one seducing you
You are attracted
You can’t resist
Running your hands over me, touching the slopes and dips
Placing a kiss, then two, and three, on my lips
Open my mouth with your tongue
You can’t resist me
Touch me, enjoy your feast, let’s merge, become one forever
I am your sensual lover
I am your carefree slave
Oh but baby why is it you sitting in chains?


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