I’d like to share FutureLearn with you

I came across this website – http://www.futurelearn.com – by an accident. A tweet from Claire (readingbukowski) snagged my interest (and I don’t even have a Twitter account). It’s funny how a seemingly small and mindless gesture can have a big impact.

FutureLearn offers free online courses by diverse universities mainly from the English-speaking countries but hey, there’s also Yonsei University classes on FutureLearn!
Let me say just this: The courses – and FutureLearn for providing a platform – are an incredible contribution to education, in my opinion. They are diverse, engaging and professional. Have a look at their catalogue here: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/categories

How it works: You sign up for a course. Once it starts (a course lasts from 4 weeks to 8), you have an access to the materials for each course. It is designed in a way that you have a number of tasks each week, but you can also work ahead or catch up. The tasks/materials can be to read a text or watch a video or to discuss in the comment section. Each course has an estimate of hours you should put aside for the course each week. I think the average is three hours per week. All courses are taught in English. Until now I haven’t seen a class that requires previous knowledge or experience.

I know you all are busy (because who isn’t? Oh, wait, that would be me.) and I’m not forcing you to take any online classes on top of your other obligations. But I just wanted to share that something like FutureLearn exists!

Currently I am enrolled (you can quit any class any time and there will be absolutely no repercussions whatsoever) in two courses (Preparing for University and Africa: Sustainable Development for All?) and there are seven more scheduled classes, starting in June, August and September. I am not 100% certain that I’ll be taking part in all of them but I am really interested in most of the courses.
Here is why I am so happy with FutureLearn: Not only does it keep my brains from going zombie during my classes-free months (because I’ve been ditching law classes from May and my second attempt at university starts in October), it also forces my mind open to new impulses – thoughts, ideas, discussions, possibilities. It’s a very valuable source of information that is accessible to everybody (who has access to the internet).

There is no profit in making these contents and making them available to the public. This is a contribution that I really appreciate and am grateful for.


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