Let’s celebrate life!

As Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, slowly fades into the night sky, I quietly celebrate life in my heart.

Do you know the feeling of such intense happiness that you dance to the music only you can hear, and your heart is bursting with loud or quiet joy, and all your worries fade into insignificant nothingness, and your laughter contains the key to all the mysteries you have ever faced? You light up from within, and you can’t stop smiling, and other people can see it too? You are invincible, not because you are impenetrable but because you embrace vulnerability and fling yourself wide open. You are still afraid but your fears make you feel brave instead of miserable. Your body is vibrating with energy and you are swamped with the love for life.

This – let’s call it joy – isn’t something that is doled out to you on a rare occasion because you’ve been a “good person”. You can create joy. In fact, you are the only person who can give yourself joy.

That’s what I believe, anyway. My values – honesty, authenticity, contribution or giving back, creativity, compassion, vulnerability, love, gratitude, simplicity, accepting our humanness, forgiveness. Me as I am, not who I should be. Embracing my human flaws and goodness. And celebrating it.

I am lit up with life. Happy Litha, everyone.


What do you think?

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