The Classics Club (7)

This is the seventh update on my TCC Challenge! I am one year and four months in (accordingly I have three years and eight months left) and have just finished my sixth (out of fifty) book! Here is what happened since my last update…

#1 I read Book No. 5: A Little Princess.

#2 I read Book No. 6: Persuasion.

#3 I plan on starting North and South in vague future!

Well, this is the shortest update ever. One thing I have to remark is that I finished these two classics really quickly – few days each, as opposed to the months it took me to finish Emma, mainly because there were no reading gaps! I just picked these up, and stuck through them until I was done! It helped that they were only 200 pages each whereas Emma was a 400-pages-read.


What do you think?

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