December Reading Theme Extension & Other Stuff

I have been absent on my blog for over three weeks now, and it’s time to remedy that!

My first announcement is: My December Reading Theme – Irish literature – is now extended until the end of January.

Here are the circumstances (and incidentally updates from my life) that led to the extension.
Beginning in the last days of November, I was sick for a long time. I didn’t even go to the university for a whole week. While I was sick, all I did was to sleep, force myself to eat something, play mind-numbing games on iPad and go on a re-reading marathon.
When I started feeling better and going to the university again, the university workload combined with AIESEC stress/pressure made me realize that I didn’t want to dive into Joyce’searly 20th century Ireland or O’Brien’s mid-20th century one.

The best thing about having one’s own blog and reading themes/challenges is that you can bend the rules to your liking. So I’m flexing that muscle and giving myself another month to immerse myself into the Irish sentiment – although January will be a hell of a lot busier.
Right now I am reading Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess, and I think I will stay with Sara Crewe for a while.


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