Life updates & October TBR

October is halfway over, we have begun our descent into the darker half of the year, and it’s getting cold.
I’m finally done with the dreadful paper! For the past 8 days or so, I was at the library every day, sometimes only for 3 hours, sometimes up to 9 hours. I’m done, I’ve learned something, and I wish I’d started earlier so I could have done more research. It’s really fascinating subject – just so tiring for my brain. My body has started to complain about all the stress and fatigue I’ve been loading up, which isn’t fun.
Today was the day to turn the paper in, and I freaking overslept. I had about 70 minutes to print the 33-page-paper out, get myself presentable, go to the university, and turn it in. It takes me about 50 minutes to go to the university. If I don’t miss any bus or train, that is. And of course today was the day my printer decided it was fed up with me and refused to print out the last four pages!
I took a taxi to the university, an extravagance that was necessary for me not to fail, and it still lies heavy on my soul. Because it’s I was stupid and went to bed at 3:30 AM when I knew I had to be up by 8:00. I didn’t hear the alarm go off, three times. By some sort of miracle I woke up by 10:45-ish, before it was too late. I thought to myself while I sat in the taxi: If I get there too late and have to write another paper next semester, it’s only a just punishment. Maybe today was a warning, a sort of wagging finger that tells me to stop, take a look at myself, and change for the better. So I will.

Reading-wise, I didn’t read anything that wasn’t law-related for the first third of the month. On Saturday I picked up Jo’s Boys by Louisa May Alcott again and finished it on Sunday. Review coming soon! Because I was almost done with the paper by Saturday, I took The Murder of Roger Ackroyd with me to read during the commute. It’s interesting so far, especially because I already know who the murderer is. A word of advice: Avoid any spoiler concerning this book!

Oh, and guess what? University starts tomorrow. Officially it started today, but since it was all welcoming-party for the first year students (Eek! I can’t believe I’m already in my second year!) the lectures start tomorrow. Luckily, the first week is relatively relaxed because some classes don’t start until next week. This week I have only 14 hours (one “hour” equals 45 minutes) instead of the 30 hours I will have from the second week on. Uh, it’s a huge adjustment.

Okay, need to do some house chores (my apartment had been neglected in my writing-frenzy) before I go to bed!


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