Batch Review #9

MassieMassie by Lisi Harrison
Oh, the irony and the stupidity & thoughtlessness in this novella are almost too much to bear. Lisi Harrison takes it to the extreme for our little (spoiled, egocentric and careless) Alpha, and at the same time she manages to make it all hilarious. In a way, it can only be funny because it is so grossly exaggerated and so obviously wrong. I wonder whose position the author finds herself in – Anastasia’s or Massie’s?



ClaireClaire by Lisi Harrison
I found Claire’s FBBFs the opposite of nice from the first moment on. And while Massie can be bossy, she at least owns up to it. There’s rarely anything more annoying than a person who pretends not to be (insert an adverb here) while being the textbook-example of it!
I did sympathize with Claire for being put in such a sticky position. Middle school / high school friendships are difficult to hold together, I guess.


311 Pelican Court311 Pelican Court by Debbie Macomber
I liked following the characters (esp. Maryellen & Rosie) and time sure flies by while reading it, but the story itself isn’t very memorable. Also, sometimes a month passes by between two paragraphs. Yep, it’s been three years since the first scene of 16 Lighthouse Road. But kudos for bringing Cecelia back!



Right Next DoorFather’s Day by Debbie Macomber
This one was published in 1990 – as a category romance? – and is about 200 pages in length.
Truth be told, the characters fell flat (esp. in the first two-thirds). Jeff was both hilarious and impertinent – sometimes downright rude to his own mother. Such disrespect! There’s a line between being cheeky and rude. I’d have thought as a ten-year-old he’d have figured it out.
The plot also went a whirlwind journey. Not much happening for chapters, then everything happening in one chapter.
Well. My final verdict is that while I could have skipped on this one, I did enjoy the time spent on reading it.
(It’s possible to write 180+ pages and still have fleshed-out characters. I’ll just reference to Nora Roberts.)

Right Next DoorThe Courtship of Carol Summars
It was in the same bind-up as Father’s Day and follows a similar pattern. But it was published a year earlier, the son was a much more loving one, and the characters were better developed, especially Carol’s. The post-marriage epilogue was a nice nice bonus, I love those things and get totally mushy over them. And kudos for calling Alex out on his obscure, shady plan!



River's EndRiver’s End by Nora Roberts
At first I resented Noah’s profession and then I started looking forward to it. Spoilers alert It would have been a lot more interesting if Livvy’s father really was the one. Then I’d have love to read Noah’s work as well. But from the very beginning it was David, and the very fact that Nora showed us the “normal” scenes with him was an evidence enough for me to turn against him. Really, it seems I’ve read too much of her works now and know her methods in and out.
In the end, though, I have to say that Noah stole the show. Oh man, he’s irresistible


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