Batch Review #8

The UnthinkableThe Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why by Amanda Ripley
Whew, what a long title. But at the same time pretty accurate. A good title should be the essence of the book, and if this book was called The Unthinkable Brain or something with the word brain in it, it would have been perfect.
In short, Amanda Ripley takes us to many, many disaster sites spread across the world (but with the States in more focus). She incorporates interviews with disaster survivors, witnesses, specialists, etc. into the book and tries to explain why certain people survived certain disasters while others didn’t.
It’s a fascinating study. (It’s also short, so don’t be daunted by the sometimes-density of the book.) There is quite a lot of brain-talk. I don’t know if it’s the journalist part of her, but Amanda Ripley has the ability to paint the scenes quite vividly. Sometimes she takes on the voice of the all-knowing and foreboding; sometimes she follows a certain person’s perspective.
In the end it’s almost never boring, she doesn’t try to pretend to know every answer, and it makes me feel a little bit safer to have read the book. It probably won’t save me from a plane crash – but then again, it just might.

Night Shift & Night ShadowNight Shift by Nora Roberts
Surprisingly sweet and passionate and dangerous. Also very touching, they are so…. drenched in love.
Cilla (short for Priscilla) is a living contradiction – confident and brisk, fun and smoldering on the outside, frazzled nerves and heaps of insecurities on the inside.
Boyd started out as the sexy-hunk-type but evolved into thoughtful, bossy, banter-loving and stupid-in-love-type.
The next four books are about Deborah, Althea, Natalie and Ally Fletcher, Cilla’s and Boyd’s daughter.

Night Shadow by Nora Roberts
Wasn’t as good as the first book; maybe because I’d expected Cilla and Boyd to be in this one but no, Deborah has moved from Denver. She’s less lively than in Night Shift and the male character reminds me oddly of Roarke from In Death series minus the honesty.

AliciaAlicia by Lisi Harrison
I’d never thought the day would come, but here it is: Poor Alicia! No no, I don’t mean she’s poor, but that I feel empathy for her. And why, the sly thing, there’s no mention of ¡i! in Bratfest at Tiffany’s! (Well, almost none.) I don’t have much recollection about The Invasion of the Boy Snatcher, but I remember really disliking Nina. I still did for the most part of the 110-page book. I hated the twins from beginning to end.


4 thoughts on “Batch Review #8”

  1. The Unthinkable sounds like something I may enjoy. I’ve never given Nora Roberts a shot but I’ve seen her featured here repeatedly, I think I’ll give it a go. I’ll follow an interesting set of characters nearly anywhere. Perhaps Night Shift will be my starting place. I’ll let you know!

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    1. The Unthinkable was quite interesting and maybe it has boosted my chance of survival – who knows? ;) The problem with Nora Roberts is that after reading 50+ of her books, and comparing them with other books, that I realized her characterization is two-dimensional, especially her villains. There is some depth that she could go into but for some reason doesn’t (or can’t).


      1. I’ll still give her a go; why not? I just opened By The River Piedra I Sat Down & Wept by Paulo Coelho after realizing I did in fact have an unread book in the stack from the library. I dunno about the rest of the story, but the Author’s Note has me hooked!


        1. Yes, sometimes it’s just the opening passage or a little note from the author that grabs us and makes us settle down and read, isn’t it? And most of the time, what follows is just as good!


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