Prequel Review: Charmed and Dangerous

Charmed and DangerousCharmed and Dangerous: The Rise of the Pretty Committee
A Clique prequel
by Lisi Harrison
first published in 2009
I think it was my (rather impatient, I might add) waiting for the Clique summer books that made me grab this prequel again.
The thing with these books is that you catch yourself rooting for the main characters even when they are being incredibly spoiled and selfish. In the case of this prequel, it’s rather “spoiled rotten” part for Massie and Dylan.
It was quite amusing to see Massie scramble around in her Beta-position while still managing to maintain her air of the cool, sophisticated and fashionable (she’s all of nine years old, for frigging out loud). But this is before she moved to OCD or met her BFFs, so more of her insecurities shine through.
Now, Dylan is the first one to encounter Cam Fisher and Derrick Harrington, and she’s sick of her sisters fretting about their weight. What she doesn’t know is that she’s been duped, too… Dylan is her characteristic fun-loving self. Probably the most child-like.
Alicia is already very ambitious and beautiful, and I love the way her father adores her.
Kristen, the smart and soccer-star who will manage to hide her financial situation from everyone for the next three years, is surprisingly tender-hearted and insecure compared to the vicious tongue we first meet in The Clique.
Claire, on the other hand, is still in Orlando with her three best friends, Sari, Mari and Mandy, blissfully unaware of everything that is going to happen in couple years. And yet she manages to get in trouble and indirectly in touch with the other Clique members (her membership was foretold by Hermia anyway). And she acquires the gold charm that will cause Massie so much trouble in The Clique.

Best read when you are already quite familiar with the dynamics of these five characters and more, so at least after The Pretty Committee Strikes Back – that would be my recommendation for the minimum of knowledge. But the prequel was published after Book #11, Boys R Us.


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