Sequel Review: 204 Rosewood Lane

First off, I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for the last twenty (!!) days! It’s complicated, but most of what I could say are excuses anyway. I’m back on track now, or I will be very soon. What I do have in store for you are scheduled posts going up for the next three, four days!

204 Rosewod Lane


204 Rosewood Lane
Book 2 in Cedar Cove series
by Debbie Macomber
originally published in 200

After my luke-warm reaction to 16 Lighthouse Road, I’ve been very careful about reading its sequels. I’ve thought about it a couple of times since then, and again and again I’ve declined it. That is, until I had a change of  heart a week ago.

And boy, am I glad I did.

204 Rosewood Lane follows up on almost all the characters from 16 Lighthouse Road: Judge Olivia Lockhart with her budding what-is-it with Jack, who in turn is dealing with his son and their estrangement; Grace Sherman who is left to deal with the disappearance of her husband of over three decades, and whose life another man (try to guess who!) is tentatively trying to enter; Maryellen, Grace’s older daughter, who is still haunted by the past and somehow finds herself in the exact same position as 10+ years ago; Justine and Seth, who are just starting their life together and have so many exciting new things; Charlotte, Olivia’s mother, has a rather small role in this book, but is still paving her way in a cheerful, energetic way; and as new characters we have Rosie and Zach Cox, whose plates are so full that they are constantly taking it out on each other.

I badly needed – wanted – the realism these characters offered. They make stupid decisions. Their lives don’t end at HEA – they have problems. Timings don’t always work out. Family and friends are not always understanding.
Yet they manage to lead their lives, sometimes at their height and sometimes at their low.  And this brings me somehow comfort. To know that I’m not the only one struggling with life (Rationally, I know it all the time in my head, too. But it’s still nice to read about other peoples’ struggles because they provide you perspectives that you might be in need/want of.)
In my review of 16 Lighthouse Road I’ve mentioned that Nora Roberts has spoiled me of other romance novels.
In my review of 204 Rosewood Lane I’m telling you that I’m rebelling against that. Because while Nora is a terrific storyteller and her stories are magical, her characters are sometimes too put-together and perfect. Hers is not a world I wish to enter when I’m feeling insecure about my whole life. Sometimes it helps anyway. Sometimes it doesn’t. And this time is one of those rare times when Nora’s words aren’t a help or a comfort to me.
Debbie Macomber has a different style, but her writing is easy and beautiful in its simplicity. Her characters are sympathetic and exasperating, often in the same paragraph – just like any other human being. Oh, and I’m beginning to love Cedar Cove, the town. Maybe it’s because I’m slowly getting sick of big cities (I’ve lived almost my whole life in them – I’m talking about millions of inhabitants).

So this time I’m definitely continuing with the series, and next up is 311 Pelican Court, the address of Rosie and Zach Cox’.


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