Batch Review #6

The NamedThe Named by Marianne Curley
Book No. 1 in The Guardians of Time trilogy – a re-read after two and a half years; written by an Australian author, and as such, a different feel in the language & atmosphere that is not American and not English. At first a bit frustrating to re-read esp. since I know all the nine members of Veridian and the matters of heart (pretty easy to figure out by the end of the first book); LOVE time-traveling and love Citadel; some issues are resolved quite easily, see conflict between Ethan and Shaun; LOVE Isabel’s character, so intelligent & courageous & sporty & honest with herself; grew to appreciate Ethan’s character as well, esp. for his sense of justice and impulsive actions; kind of wish Arkarian would remain mysterious with no POV from him but he gets one in The Dark (which I’m currently reading for the first time), but at least we keep Isabel’s POV. Wanted to punch Matt in the face for the first two-thirds of the book. Carter for the first third of the book. Someone else I wanted to punch? Mmm, I think not.

The DarkThe Dark by Marianne Curley
More time-travels. More cruelty. Tensiiiiion is in the air. Neriah makes an appearance. Rochelle makes a re-appearance. The ending made me go all mushy inside.




The KeyThe Key by Marianne Curley
(a note about cover: That arrow, though. I hate that arrow.)
Even though I was prepared, even though the author kept giving us hints (and hopes), I am too stunned and heart-broken to do much of anything. (And I keep thinking how much I would have liked to see one more appearance of Matt’s father.) It’s so unfair, it’s outrageous.
Because I am being petty, I will also mention that Ethan’s family situation has completely dropped out of focus, just like Isabel’s mom and Neriah’s, too, after a certain event. Also, Dillon is being extremely annoying. Matt is like a transformed person after his visit to his dad, which oddly suits him.
The only thing I have left is the consolation that even Dartemis will be with his soul-mate eventually (which leads me to believe that he won’t come down to Athens, after all), so the same thing should happen to our brave young warrior who loses his heart to death. Ahhhh WHY Marianne Curley, WHY!?!?!!!


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