Batch Review #4

The Playboy Prince & Cordina's Crown JewelCordina’s Crown Jewel by Nora Roberts
And when I thought I’d never see the rest of the royal family again… Really enjoyed the Maine part, snorted over the Lord part, sighed at the Cordina part. A fairy tale ending to a series that is more edgy than flashy. Delaney Caine is like Grant Campbell from One Man’s Art but snarlier, I think. Mash Grant with Dashiell from Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. Crown Jewel is a lot more breezy than its previous Deboque-tension filled books and I like Camilla’s feisty & confident self. 3/5



Curtsies & ConspiraciesCurtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger
Oh, no. What will we do without Monique and Vieve and possibly Professor Braithwope in future books?
I admire Sophronia’s ability to see things from different perspectives and her busy brain. The romantic angle was laid a bit too thick, but as long as her priority remains being an intelligencer, no complaints from me.
Vampire politics. Science, and lots of it. Quite some blood here and there. Pro and anti-supernatural (the latter aka Picklemen). Sidheag sloooowly getting warm-ish with her future husband. Oh, so much fun and such a delicious world to live in! And will Sophronia precede Alexia as Lord Dama’s female friend? 4.5/5



2013 cover edition
2013 cover edition

Reflections by Nora Roberts
Rich description & feelings, rather thin plot. Esp. the two-page solution to Andy/Monica problem was ridiculous. Lindsay is a very open person, so absorbing and giving. It was quite interesting that we did not have a single POV from Seth Bannion. Maybe Nora Roberts wanted to guard his personality still, long after the book’s done. But I for my part found it hard to connect with him because I couldn’t know what he was feeling, what he was thinking.
I wonder how many years after Reflections the sequel-ish Dance of Dreams will take place. By the way, Nick is an intriguing character; so passionate, so confident, so harsh when dancing. 3.5/5

Dance of Dreams by Nora Roberts
Five years have passed since Ruth Bannion arrived in NYC, wide-eyed and flushed, hopeful and hard-working. Now she is the best ballerina at her company, and with Nick Davidov as her instructor.
Ah ah ah, how much potential was wasted by squeezing these two amaazingly beautiful stories into category romances! I wish they had been full-length duology, 300+ pages for each. There was so much more to these two pairs – Ruth and Nikolai in this one, Lindsay and Seth in the other – that could have been brought out in flesh and color.
I was so dazzled by the world of ballet, even more so than with Reflections or Dance to the Piper. Ruth is a unique combination of shy and confident, of reserved and passionate. Nikolai is all of the gruesome instructor we got a glimpse of at the end of Reflections and a passionate lover and an affectionate friend. Did their age-gap (10 years, with Ruth being 22 in Dreams) bother me? Not as much now, especially the world of Ballet and Dancing works differently – as Nick always keeps saying: “[They] are artists. [They] are temperamental.” Yes, temperamental and disciplined and passionate. They grow up differently, with rigid schedules and hard lessons every day, with bleeding feet and cramped toes, with quivering muscles and rather lonely states. Anyway, the age gap per se did not bother me, although it did a little when we found out that Nick’s desire started way back when they first met. Um, 17 and 27 is a bit much, yes?
Lindsay and Seth got more cameo time than other Nora characters who have had their happy-ever-after. Still no Seth POV, though. 4/5


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