Batch Review #3

Fire StudyFire Study by Maria V. Snyder
For those of you who were disappointed (like me) that the last battle in Magic fell flat, do not worry, it gets very bloody quite soon. Fire Study is a confused array of feelings, plot twists, Kiki-awesomeness, people, worlds, sadness and pain, beauty and joy, humor and sarcasm (especially from Leif). The beginning chapters especially end in cliffhangers to spur the reading on, but it was more (senseless sometimes, frustrating very often) plot than character development until the very last moment during which our Yelena has her awakening. I still love her though, and I wish her conflict with Valek that was bound to erupt sometime would have been solved in a more definite manner and not the mushy I-love-you-to-death stuff all over again, although I guess that’s their answer to their private conflict. 4/5 because the enjoyment factor and getting-sucked-into-its-world factor are still high.

Power Study by Maria V. Snyder
An Ari and Janco short. It’s interesting that Janco seems to possess an uncanny instinct for certain things. Another Sandseed dead. I miss me some Moon Man fierce.

Ice Study by Maria V. Snyder
An Yelena & Valek & Leif short. Ah, these short stories are a quick fix for my Yelena addiction but they always leave me vaguely dissatisfied. Maybe I’m just insatiable. And is it correct that the Council gave the Ice Moon for safe keeping years ago? Surely, Roze would never have allowed that.

The Playboy Prince & Cordina's Crown JewelThe Playboy Prince by Nora Roberts
I admire Hannah a lot & the plot twist but I wish the ending wasn’t so abrupt & the first sex scene was quite disturbing á la Rapture in Death. And I thought Deboque would be smarter than just believing the press. I love the setting & secondary characters though (esp. Eve and Alex and Gabriella and Reeve. And Dorian, the cute five-year-old prince.). 3.5/5


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