Spring snuck up on me

Bright dandelions dot the grass stripe between car lanes. The sun beats down cheerfully and the inside of the bus I’m riding is slowly being baked.

Now I am in a city-train where it isn’t as warm but it has all those spring smells, too. The smell of the warmth, the sweats clinging to people, the fragrance of spring flowers, the smell of greenery.

Days have been passing too quickly for me to remember anything coherent. I’m spinning around, trying to grasp the time, but it languidly escapes my cramped fingers.

Now the greens, yellows, whites, violets, light blues dominate the scene. People show their arms, legs, toes, chests. Flowery, swishing clothes or simple t-shirts. Sun glasses and sunny blond braids. All around me everything is pulsing with life. I am too, now that I have allowed myself to find my center again. As long as I am steeped in the nature, I am relaxed and loose and carefree. It’s impossible to be stressed out when you look outside.

Okay, almost impossible, anyway.


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