Batch Review #2

A quick note: I am going to be a lot more absent for the following weeks, months, who knows how long. Yep, university has started again.

ceremony in deathCeremony in Death by J. D. Robb
Even though the series takes place on the Earth, it’s basically Nora Roberts’ universe – thanks to the Urban War the systems and trends and people are different and same. Laws she can conveniently create, inventions that are super helpful for the police investigations, etc. But I just love those little details Nora has created. What I love maybe more is the clash of new technology and the “old” crimes. Crimes motivated by greed, hatred, love, jealousy. Crimes of “God-complex”. Old prejudices against minor social or religious groups that still prevail. It must be said that Eve-universe and the real world have split.and continue on different tracks. The explosion of technological development starting from the end-90s to beginning-2000s is something Nora Roberts apparently didn’t foresee (or did but chose to ignore – how can I know? I was a baby when Naked in Death came out.) in early to mid-90s. Also, I’ll probably live to see 2058… now won’t that be interesting *wink*
I do hope Jamie Lingstrom (Langstrom??) makes a re-appearance, maybe he really will become a cop!

Vengeance in Death by J. D. RobbVengeance in Death
This time, a series of garish murders and mutilations hits very close to the investigating Eve Dallas’ home. It takes her, Roarke and Summerset back to Ireland and the series of murders and mutilations that took place more than a decade ago… following the rape and death of Marlena, Summerset’s only daughter.
Also: Eve is involved in her second explosion in the series following Rapture, Feeny is away in Mexico (a vital plotline for introducing McNab into the series) and Eve gets a new (jazzy but pea-green) cop car.


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