I’m such an idiot… -_- or: blogoversary

April 4th 2013.

That’s the date I uploaded my first content on this blog. It was a review of the Summer series by Jenny Han. I probably took a day or two to tinker with the design (not much to do) and set up pages (ditto) etc.



I wouldn’t make a fuss out of this – especially (?) since I’m only a week late, and we didn’t have an internet connection a week ago anyway – if this blog wasn’t the first blog EVER to actually HAVE an official anniversary.

I’ve kept a string of blogs – some book blogs, some personal, some mash-ups like this one – over the past three years and not one of them made it through the one-year-mark before I deleted or privatized them.

Argh. I knew the blogoversary was rolling around but I just completely missed it. I’m sorry, blog. I’ve changed your name twice in one year, so I don’t know how to call you, but I’M SORRY.

Gah. I’ll do better next time around… which means I actually have to keep this blog for another year. Is that desperation I hear in my voice? Or anticipation?



What do you think?

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