Yes yes yes to everything

it’s actually three stories – Simon Snow fantasy series (reminded me first of HP, later it didn’t), Cath’s fanfiction version of Simon/Baz (cath seriously you’re so cool) and the actual plotline of Fangirl (which takes up the majority of page numbers, as it should)

it’s fun & full of college stuff and it’s sometimes heart-drenching (as in drenched in tears) and snort-out-loud, it’s messy and insecure and wonderful just like real life


i love Cath and her stories and she reminds me of me so much but she’s being more honest with herself; i hide behind a mask of confidence and stress myself out but cath just owns herself even if she doesn’t like it and even if she knows she’s being unusual an’ shit

yes cath yes to panic-why-are-there-people thing, yes to i-don’t-wanna-go-to-dining-hall thing, yes to saying no when you want to say yes, yes to saying no to parties even though there are cute guys and reliable roomates (i never really have a chance to say no to parties my friends hate me every time i do and then i hate them for not understanding me and then we get back on track), yes to being afraid that the more people care about us the more likely they are to get tired of us and our shit but doesn’t everyone have their own shit? like wren wanting independence and then missin’ you like crazy and doing stupid stuff and you worry about your dad and you don’t want to meet your abandonment of mother and of course you get mad when wren contacted her without telling you

the ending’s a bit cliff-hanger-ish even though this is a stand-alone i hope you have three more years of awesomeness i will try too cath, i will try too. And I like you a lot.


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