The Beautiful and the Damned

*The Beautiful and the Damned is a spin-off to the Hollow trilogy (The Hollow, The Haunted, The Hidden).
**contains spoilers for the Hollow trilogy & The Beautiful and the Damned

Cyn is not sure what exactly happened at the Sleepy Hollow cemetery. She has a vague memory of a girl called Abbey, but she’s been dead for months. But Cyn has a bigger problem than her screwed-up memories or the fact that other beings seem to live inside her: When she woke up next to her boyfriend, Hunter, he was very definitely dead and her hands were full of blood. Has she killed him during one of her black-outs? Horrified and scared out of her wits, Cyn runs away – to New Hampshire. (She didn’t really run. She escaped with a car. Or two?) The Beautiful and the Damned
Avian aka Thirteen is the only off-spring between two original Revenants (Crash course: In the beginning, before the Shades took over the jobs, six pairs (one angel, one demon) of Revenants took care of the souls and played Reapers. Avian’s parents, well, hooked-up and now Avian is kind of the thirteenth “original” Revenant.) and has inherited powers from both sides. But mostly he is odd man out. When he sees Cyn, he realizes she’s an Echo. Because of his past with Echoes, he really doesn’t want to help her.

Anyway, The Beautiful and the Damned is more like a novella to the Hollow series in length and plot. Both could have been more fleshed out and expanded onto. I would have LOVED to read a 600-page book for this story!!! For example, there was this f***** Vincent who had escaped to Cyn when he was banished in The Hidden. What did he do? In the end nothing but terrorizing Cyn, which wouldn’t be the first time. Or the psycho-brother would have made a great villain (he was, but he could have played the role a bit longer). And the thing between Cyn and Avian – they share one kiss! One. Kiss. After the shocks I’ve gotten from The Hidden, I was subconsciously wanting for more than one kiss. But it was a good one, though. The rest between them was great, even the oh-so-frustrating ending. Cyn’s sense of independence/being on her own wars with her fight for survival, and Avian’s I-don’t-care-attitude aside, he’s irritated every time Cyn gets into trouble. Will they work out some sort of friendship-relationship in New Orleans? I hope so. Even though he’s immortal and she’s… not. Maybe that’s why the author left the ending wide open? Because pulling off another The Hidden-ending would be repetitive and take the magic out of The Hidden?
I really wouldn’t have minded if Jessica Verday had concepted The Beautiful and the Damned as the first of a new trilogy, but she apparently didn’t, and to continue now like this would be very very awkward anyway. Instead I’ll look forward to her new book coming out this fall, Of Monsters and Madness!!

P.S.: What was that tiny cameo of Abbey and Caspian in the end??! Caspian’s so funny and a-do-ra-ble <3 And wasn’t it clever of the author to include that leather-pants-wearer reference from The Hidden?


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