Tentative fingertips of spring – Imbolc

Today is Imbolc. If you ignore the weather outside of my window, it means that today is the beginning of Spring, sun-wise. The day has kept getting longer since Winter Solstice, or Yule. (I just realized that I totally skipped online mini-celebration of Yule. OH NO!!) In about six weeks, we will have a balanced day-night date – Spring Equinox, or Ostara.

All I know about Imbolc is that it is also called Candlemas (and people light candles to celebrate the beginning of Spring) and that Goddess Brigid is honored by some traditions.

Compared to last Yule (that I didn’t record), you could say I am slowly getting used to getting buried by information surrounding my major. I also decided I won’t become a person who defines herself by her work, like I’ve been doing lately. Certainly it will be easier (although, admittedly, I don’t have the concentration for it anyway) if I studied 18/7. But I want my study to be something that will help me grow into a mature, more well-rounded person. I don’t want to become “oh, that girl who studies Law”. I have dreams, I have fancies and I have other interests.
For instance, lately I have become fascinated by biographies of authors: Leo Tolstoy (and his wife, Sophia Tolstaya), Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Mary Wollstonecraft. I also want to learn to speak and read French, Russian and Spanish. I’m afraid to watch TFiOS movie because it will rip my heart out. I plain want to read novels and visit all these fantastic worlds. I want to write poetry, even though I suck. I want to be a humble human being, and I want to be a good person. I want to let my inner voice speak out more often. I want to listen to Pharrell Williams’ Happy all day. I want to work on a cross-stitching project.

I know I have to apply myself more to my study – at least, more than I am doing now. And I think it’s admirable – and necessary – that one studies as much as I see students from 7th semester doing.

But I don’t want my study to become my entire life. Sometimes, especially in subjects like all-consuming Law, it’s important to distance yourself from it all and regard and inspect it from another angle. If I am doing that right now, I can’t say. But I certainly do find it easier to switch back and forth between law-world and non-law-world.

So here is to Spring! Here is to the first, tentative fingertips of sunshine and another year I feel in my heart. I want it to grow, I want to nurture it. Hello, Spring!


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