Classics Club Challenge (2)

It’s time for another update… although there isn’t much to update on.

I haven’t read a word of David Copperfield since my last update, which was more than a month ago.

Similar is my progress within Emma by Jane Austen. I’m around Chapter 14, and in the previous chapter, finally someone (John Knightley) has told Emma that Mr. Elton is wooing her, not Harriet. And what does Emma do? Laugh it off, of course. Argh.

The Classics Club’s theme of month is Shakespeare, and while I had envisioning researching & writing a blog post about each month’s theme, I quickly realized that I just didn’t have the time, energy or motivation for it. So I’m trying to read one Shakespeare play in January, and that’s Measure for Measure. I read the introduction to the play before reading the actual play, and it was very fascinating. I even started highlighting passages and words, which I NEVER do – until now. (Textbooks are another matter. Shh.)

“[…] Our natures do pursue,
Like rats that ravin down their proper bane,
A thirsty evil; and when we drink, we die.”

(Act I, Scene 2, lines 117 – 119)

I actually don’t really understand the imagery in line 118, but it has struck something in me when I read it – so here it is.


What do you think?

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