an ode to suzanne collins

Tears running down my cheeks
I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…
that we are so greedy,
so selfish…

My heart beats out an unsteady rhythm
but why do I feel so dead inside?
I’m so sorry that I couldn’t save your children…
I’m so sorry that you have to live in such a world…
I’m so sorry about the entire freaking mankind.
Tears of sorrow, helplessness, anger and frustration.
My whole being shakes at the thought of such

I look around, all the stuff in my room
suddenly I hate it, hate them all
why do I have so much when
others don’t have anything?
Suddenly it feels like all my booksandCDsandstacksofnotebooksandjusttheexcessivnessofeverything
begin to suf-


And I pick up the blue cover
because what else is left for me to do
except to go on
to revisit the destruction
the deaths
the torture
the breaks
the heartbreaks
the salty tears
the tears in my heart.

Sacrifices. For a greater cause?
Would my own father run in to save me
out of a burning house,
this question torments me
because I cannot give a clear answer.
Is there no trust in me left? Am I a walking corpse?
Shall I just die, one human less on this hopeless mass-destruction?

The dandelion in the spring.
Where’s my dandelion, the bright yellow that means re-bir-th, rebirth instead of

Where’s the Meadow?

I try to play Katniss’ game.

I come up


tags: Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire (movie), Mockingjay, Boggs, Haymitch, Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Finnick Odair, Castor, Holmes, Messalla, Jackson, Leeg 1,  Annie Cresta, Johanna Mason, Prim, Mrs. Everdeen, Mr. Everdeen


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