Old school, new life

I was at my high school / grammar school today. I chatted people from grades below me, met my teachers again, saw  my high school friends again.

But it wasn’t the same.
Deep down I knew – I have changed so much during the last two months (university does that to you) that I just wasn’t the person who has left her high school six-month ago with a heavy heart.

Somehow,  the magic that used to sometimes envelope me – especially at big school events like today’s – was gone. The school building felt suddenly too small, confining me when I wanted to soar.
At the same time, I saw all the young minds and hearts working busily and felt so old, so jaded in a way.

Then a friend who also studies Law (but at different school) and I caught up with how our studies were going, and boy, was it so much fun! Finally, someone outside my own uni and family who understands exactly what I was going through and who is just as enchanted by the fascinating subjects as I am. And someeone who doesn’t judge me for wanting to go to tge library every day of my Christmas break. I’m so happy for my friend that he seems to have found his calling! Maybe some time we will study together. :)


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