November Wrap Up & December TBR

**I have no idea who started this “meme” – anyone who knows please let me know!**

Busy, busy month… yet I re-read tons of books. Go figure. Granted, I read, like, four books a week and then nothing for almost two weeks…


  • Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts (re): Book #2 in Bride Quartet. Usually I re-read Vision in White (cuz it’s my favorite BQ book!) around this time of year, but I was desperate for summer-y mood and spring-y romance, and you can’t get more romantic than Emmaline Grant. I’m not a romantic myself but I still love Emma <3 Jack’s not my type, though. 4 STARS
  • Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts (re): Book #3 in Bride Quartet. This time I was in the mood for pastry and feisty Laurel. I don’t necessarily like cooking & baking, but I LOVE reading about them. And maybe eating them. 4.5 STARS
  • Murder Is Easy by Agatha Christie: Luke what’s-his-name meets an old lady on the train who tells him that a serial killer is rampant in her village and that she (the lady) is going to Scotland Yard. Luke secretly laughs it off, but he changes his mind when he sees in the next morning paper that the old lady had died in a car accident – and that a person whose murder she had predicted in the train also shows up dead a couple of weeks later. So Luke makes his way to this village to investigate… Sounds awesome, right?! The beginning was also very intriguing, but the middle part felt flat. There was a lot of getting to know suspects and Luke running in circle pointing to that person first and then to another. The romance (if you call it that) part was also like What. The. Heck? They say they hate each other, ergo they are in love with each other? What kind of logic is that? 2 STARS
  • The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie: Incidentally, both Agatha Christie books I read this month had Superintendent Battle in them. I like him and respect him well enough. My sister finished reading this one to me the day after I finished Murder Is Easy, and what a contrast it made! It was funny (OMG, Bundle’s father cracks me up!!), the number of characters was manageable (especially since two die relatively early in the book) and the end left me gaping at my sister, who had already read the book and was looking at me with a winning smile. 4 STARS
  • Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts (re): Book #4 in Bride Quartet. I was on a roll, and I haven’t re-read it in a while. Also, I desperately wanted Parker’s efficiency and diligence to rub off on me. Whether it did, I couldn’t tell you, but it made a great read. 4 STARS
  • Wake by Lisa McMann (re): Book #1 in Wake trilogy. I. Love. This. Book. Actually, this whole trilogy. I admire and respect Janie Hannagan in a way that makes her my idol. It’s not that she’s flawless. Looking at her and her circumstances, you would look at me in a puzzled way. Why, do you really want to live on state welfare, caring for a drunk mother who seems to hates you, fighting off a weird curse that gets you sucked into dreams of other people?, you would ask. To which I would answer: I don’t envy Janie’s circumstances, but I have high respect for her inner strength. She’s an intelligent, rational young woman, mature beyond her years. And she has ambitions and works hard for them. I needed to re-acquaint myself with Janie again so she could give me a wake-up call with my privileged status and yet wasting it away. 5 STARS
  • Fade by Lisa McMann (re): Book #2. Tension. EMOTION. Discoveries. Oh, my dear. So many things happening, in Lisa McMann’s usual minimalist style flawlessly executed. 5 STARS
  • Gone by Lisa McMann (re): Book #3, also final book. I haven’t re-read this one since I first read it in 2011. How many things have changed since then. I read it through different eyes – the choices Janie had to make, the inner conflict she went through, the developments of characters all around. If you loved the fast-paced action of Fade, you might be disappointed in Gone. If you, however, love Janie and Cabel no matter what, then Gone will bring a satisfying conclusion to your favorite trilogy. 5 STARS
  • Alice in Rapture, Sort of by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor: Book #2 in Alice series. I laughed out loud. I gasped. I felt my eyes go misty. I had tongue-in-cheek moments. I had fabulous time. 4.5 STARS

Cue 2-week-break during which I become sick, go to Magdeburg, and suffer from wrecked nerves (not necessarily in that order).

  • Secret Vampire by L. J. Smith (re): Maybe I needed a reminder for a time during which the air was rich with excitement and yet I felt peaceful. L. J. Smith also creates these simple yet beautiful stories – especially her Night World books, whose connection to each other starts out loose and then strengthens. I love Poppy, and although I love all Night World heroines, I especially love and admire Poppy’s energetic, no-nonsense, loving nature. 5 STARS
  • Daughters of Darkness by L. J. Smith (re): This one had more of a mystery spin to it, and I love Mary-Lynnette just as much as I do Poppy, but for different reasons. Mary-Lynnette is a realist with a good heart with a fascination with stars. Ash was a total jerk in Secret Vampires, but in Daughters of Darkness the whole soul-mate thing has snuck up on him and rendered him speechless. Hah. Even though it’s all fiction, this shows how much love can change a pers-, ah, vampire. 4.5 STARS
  • Spellbinder by L. J. Smith (re): Thea and Blaise are as different as day and night, yet they are as close as sisters (they’re in fact cousins). When they start a new school yet again due to Blaise’s mischief in the previous school, Thea vows to graduate in this high school – it’s their last year, after all. Then Thea meets Eric, and all plans are wrecked out of frame… School stuff, witchy stuff, a kind-hearted yet firm animal lover of a heroine -> a cozy and enjoyable read. 4.5 STARS
  • Angel Sanctuary: Deluxe Vol. 1 by Kaori Yuki: It’s not a book, but a manga. (And thus not included in my book haul – might change later.) And in German. I mean, originally it’s in Japanese but since 1) I don’t speak Japanese and 2) there is not chance of getting a Japanese edition in Germany anyway, so I got the translated, two-in-one deluxe edition. It’s not very deluxe-y: It has two color pages and it’s hardback, not paperbacks. The format is about 1.5 times bigger than normal manga size.
    I already read Count Cain series by the same mangaka, and it’s mysterious and beautiful and weird and yucky at times. Angel Sanctuary has a totally different feel, especially the stage is set differently – in today’s Japan, with Heaven-Earth-Hell dimensions. I love the characters, I love the action and I love the spin Kaori Yuki has put on the whole angel / demon thing. 5 STARS

WHAT I’D LIKE TO READ IN DECEMBER:I have a short Christmas break in December but since I’ll (hopefully!) use most of it to catch up on uni stuff, I’ll keep my TBR list short. But I’d definitely like to finish A Game of Thrones, finally read Fire Study (in one setting or multiple, I don’t care!), and continue reading David Copperfield. I started the last one this month on the train heading to Magdeburg. I’m currently in chapter 8, I believe, and it’s so very very good.
They are not set in my TBR, but I’ll probably read a few mass market paperbacks during commuting, most notably The MacGregor Brides and Glory in Death by Nora Roberts / J. D. Robb.


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