October Wrap-Up & November TBR

I started university in mid-October, and since my major is Law, I thought all my reading would grind to a halt for the second half of the month.
Well, it turned out I was wrong.

* = e-book


  • Secrets of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita: See my review here. 4 STARS
  • 16 Uhr 50 ab Paddington by Agatha Christie: The original title is “4:50 from Paddington”. My sister told me she found the book a bit boring (even though she didn’t guess the killer!) so I braced myself before figuratively walking through the gate to begin my journey through a dysfunctional family, a search for a body, and one Miss Lucy Eyelesbarrow. But I needn’t have worried, because at first I enjoyed the slow pacing and later when things became more… interesting, I could not put the book down. Oh, and another excellent translation. 4 STARS
  • River Marked by Patricia Briggs: Book #6 in Mercy Thompson series – Mercy and Adam are off to honeymoon after an “impromptu wedding”. But the place has a trouble brewing in the river – a lot of people have gone missing lately, drowning in the river. As Mercy and Adam get sucked into the investigation of the matter, hitherto unknown facts about Mercy’s heritage are revealed, which was super interesting and refreshingly different. Lots of action, no pack stuff but Mercy and Adam’s relationship matures a degree deeper. In short, I can’t wait for Frost Burned! 4 STARS
  • The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie: My first Agatha Christie book in English that I read on my own! No Miss Marple for the narrator – no Hercule Poirot, either. I’m pleasantly surprised by The Pale Horse, I thought it suited the grim weather and the Halloween-ish theme perfectly. So the storyline is that after a dying woman has made her confession, the priest who had heard her last words is clubbed to death on his way home. It’s a list of names hidden in his shoe that gives the investigation police any clue. Told both from a third-party (who later gets involved) Mark, a mid-30-ish writer, and third-person omniscient narrator, The Pale Horse leads the readers to a sinister inn called Pale Horse that is owned by three old women – a witch, a medium and a psychic. Engaging plot line, enjoyable characters. 3.5 STARS
  • Patience, Princess Catherine by Carolyn Meyer: Book #4 in the Young Royals series. This time it’s about Mary I’s mother, Catalina of Aragon, as she journeys from Spain over to England to marry Arthur, Henry VII’s eldest son. But when Arthur dies only six months after their marriage, Catalina – now Catherine in England – faces a choice: Go back to Spain until her parents negotiate another marriage for her, or stay in England… in hopes of marrying the king-to-be Henry. I sympathized with Catherine a lot, and meeting the Spanish court was fun, but it was repetitive quite a bit. 3.5 STARS
  • The Agony of Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor: The book to start off the Alice series that has been recently wrapped up by volume 25! We meet Alice McKinley for the first time as she is just starting 6th grade in a new town. Because she has lost her mother when she was very young, Alice wishes for a mother figure to look up to. During the course of the book, Alice does many embarrassing things she calls “the agony of Alice”. Sweet, nostalgic and funny, I give The Agony of Alice 4.5 STARS.
  • Nemesis by Agatha Christie: The final Miss Marple book to be written (but second-to-last Miss Marple book to be published), Miss Marple is asked by the late Mr. Raffiel (first appeared in A Caribbean Mystery) to solve an mysterious incident that promptly causes Miss Marple to go on a “England’s famous gardens” tour, to stay with three old sisters (one widowed, two spinsters) and investigate a crime that has happened long ago… 3 STARS
  • Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder: A re-read after almost two years! LOVE this one just as much as I did the first time around. *Happy sigh* 5 STARS
  • Assassin Study* by Maria V. Snyder: A novella between Poison Study and Magic Study. It can be found here:  http://www.harlequin.com/articlepage.html?articleId=1257&chapter=1  Can I just say “awwww!!” for the second-to-last paragraph? The first time we see from Valek’s POV, I’m pumped for Study #4!! 3.5 STARS
  • Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder: Book #2 in Study series. I told myself I will read this just as slowly as I did PS, savoring each page and building up anticipation. Yeah, well, that didn’t work out that well. I finished this book in 30 hours, and that include sleep, seven hours at university, etc. MS has a very different atmosphere from PS, and not just because Valek is mostly absent (there, I have warned you now). I looooved learning more about Sitia, magic, and the Sitian side of Yelena :3 Action, humor, AMAZING characters – what more do you want? Oh, and we also meet Opal Cowan, the narrator of Glass series – I can’t wait! 4.5 STARS


  • Sync Read for November & December is being hosted by The Classics Club, so I will try to read along and get into David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.
  • I also want to read Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder, so I can wait – along other readers – for the fourth book coming out late next year! (In the meanwhile I can read the Glass series and the Healer series, yay <3)
  • I bought the second Alice book, Alice in Rapture, Sort Of, on my Kindle so I’m looking forward to reading that, too.

That’s all, you guys! I have an important seminar in mid-November, and I have lots of school stuff to catch up on, so my TBR list is fairly short :) See you in my next post!


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