So… hi! Updates! News!

Whew, it’s been a while since I posted anything! Truth be told, I have considered closing down the blog but while I can’t promise to blog regularly, I’m still glad I have this awesomeness that I call my own.

Anyway, since my last blog post, I have: read tons of books, none of which I reviewed (it was a break I desperately needed); re-joined Goodreads (which you can find should you choose to click on the following link: ); watched lots of YouTube videos from booktubers, which inspire me anew; found a newly rekindled (and expanded) interest in the English monarchs.

On the university front, I’m trying to make my own schedule but I still have no idea how the whole AGNES thing is supposed to work (Humboldt Uni stuff – anyone, please??). So far, I have two killer days (from 9 till 4), two relaxed days and one almost no-school day. Yeah, kind of weird.

I’ve also been relaxing a lot lately, playing AlienHive all the time and sleeping in and spending a lot of time with family. A pretty much perfect piece of my life.


What do you think?

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