Sequel Review: Cry Wolf

Cry WolfTitle: Cry Wolf
Series: Alpha & Omega #1, sequel to Alpha & Omega
Author: Patricia Briggs
Publisher: Ace (Penguin Group USA)
Original publication in: 2008

Date read: fourth week of July, finished on July 28th 2013

Anna Latham’s life is in tumult: She has just found out that she is a rare Omega, that her wolf has claimed Charles Cornick’s as her mate, and she is moving to Montana – to the Marrok’s base.
As she tries to adjust to these completely new and unfamiliar circumstances, she and still-healing Charles are sent to investigate strange incidents happening in the mountains.

Cry Wolf is a multifaceted book, not least because it is told from four persons’ POV (Anna’s, Charles’, Asil’s and Bran’s, although the first two dominate the narration).
Anna is still struggling to overcome the demons from her past, and all this mating stuff is confusing to her. I appreciate this part because, while a bit frustrating because Anna and Charles misunderstand the other’s words quite a few times, it makes Anna so much more relatable. She hasn’t been cured of her fears instantly because of the mating; she works out her issues with the help of mating.

Cry Wolf also provides insight to the pack of the Marrok and the Marrok himself. I finally got to know the place Mercy grew up in! Samuel also makes a cameo or two, at Doc Wallace’s funeral, for example.

The mystery / suspense element that takes up more than half of the book was well done, with enough personal background so it doesn’t feel like a random attack. By the way, I have seldom loathed a villain as much as I did this one. This time it boiled my blood and fueled my rage. The whole attitude of this villain just makes me want to puke all over the person. Ugh. So damn egoistic.

Anna continues to surprise me – with her compassionate character, and the magic of being an Omega, she attracts friends and foes. Yet she remains rooted in who she is, even if she has gnawing self-doubt and is easily embarrassed. Anna’s strong, and she is a survivor. Her situation is all in all quite different from Mercy’s, but they are both mentally – and physically, too, I guess, especially in Anna’s case – strong. Two very different but both admirable characters.


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