Sequel Review: My Soul to Save

Soul Scramers Vol.1Title: Soul Screamers: Volume One
Review Title: My Soul to Save
Series: Soul Screamers #2
Author: Rachel Vincent
Publisher: Harlequin Teen (Harlequin Books S.A.)
Original publication in: 2010

This U.S. bind-up edition was published in 2011.

Date read: July 24th 2013

Kaylee and Nash are at a concert – tickets courtesy of Tod -, having a blast, when Eden the pop star suddenly falls dead in the middle of her performance. And here is what’s weird… Kaylee does not feel the need to wail a soul song. It gets weirder, because the reason for the absence of the song is Eden has sold her soul to a hellion. The weirdest part? Addison Page, another famous teenage pop star and Tod’s ex-girlfriend he has never gotten over, has sold hers, too, and it is up to Kaylee, Nash and Tod to get it back.

My Soul to Save was… depressing. I should have known better than to expect from Rachel Vincent to end a book with a neatly tied bow with a kiss on the forehead; instead, it was a punch in the heart, painful and relieved at the same time.

Now, I hate, hate, hate it when main characters become involved in a stupid, suicidal, save-the-humanity-because-I-can’t-not-do-anything mission when it is entirely someone else’s fault. I’m a firm believer of responsibility. If you have gotten yourself into a deep shit, it’s your job to get out of it. Help is fine as long as you do the majority of the job. Help’s not fine when you twiddle your thumbs, look scared and desperately wish some superheroes will save you.

This time, though, I can’t really blame Addy because she’s not a bean sidhe and the hellion is in the Netherworld. But she could have definitely helped with Regan. Me? I would have knocked her out, scared the crap out of her and have her gagged and stored in the cellar or something.
I do admire Kaylee for wanting to help Addy, be it out of conscience and/or Tod’s desperate look. And I admire Nash for jumping in because of Kaylee.

Speaking of Kaylee and Nash, they have quite a few of sexy times in My Soul to Save. Nope, they don’t have sex but they both want it. Or rather, Nash does seem to be want it more than Kay. It doesn’t mean that Kaylee is intimidated or feels pressured by Nash. She wants it too. But there is fear lurking in her mind that Nash will dump her once they have sex… that she is just another one of his conquests. Other than those moments of insecurities, Kaylee seems to trust Nash 100 %, though. She trusts him to watch her back, to be with her when no one else is and to protect her.

I have a feeling the series is taking a dark turn, and from what I can gather by reading the blurb of the next two books – My Soul to Keep and My Soul to Steal – I have the feeling this was just a beginning.


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