Book Review: My Soul to Take

Soul Scramers Vol.1Title: Soul Screamers: Volume One
Review Title: My Soul to Take
Series: Soul Screamers #1
Author: Rachel Vincent
Publisher: Harlequin Teen (Harlequin Books S.A.)
Original publication in: 2009

This U.S. bind-up edition was published in 2011.

Date read: January 2012

Kaylee Cavanaugh is in a club with her best friend, Emma, when she feels another scream making its way up through her body. Amazingly enough, the hot senior Nash Hudson manages to calm her down outside the club.
But Kaylee’s premonition is never wrong – the next morning she sees in the news that the strawberry blonde from the club has died. When more girls start dropping dead out of blue with no reason for death, Kaylee starts to investigate, with the help of Nash.

Reading over, I realize I made the blurb sound boring. But My Soul to Take is actually a great book. But it had a bad beginning. Oh, it was so bad.

The book starts with the clichéd and over-used “beautiful best friend and the protagonist, who is content to be in her friend’s shadow” concept and went on with “the hot, popular guy who goes through girlfriends like tissues seems to be genuinely interested in the protagonist, not BBF (that’s beautiful best friend)”.
Now, to give the characters – actually the author – credit, Nash never said the dreaded “Oh, Kaylee, the love of my life, you are the one” and Kaylee didn’t make lovey-dovey eyes at Nash and say “Oh Nash, I’m soooo in love”.

Ugh. That would have been very, very bad.

Now, the teenagers seem to understand that there’s this wild attraction between them but they don’t label it as “love”, which is just too easy to do when you are a teenager. Maybe even as an adult if you haven’t really grown up.
Nash and Kaylee are awfully comfortable with each other in awfully short amount of time, but since they are under duress, I will let that one past.

Once you get past the first four or five chapters, things start to get really interesting. The source of Kaylee’s scream is revealed, plus more information regarding the bean sidhes and reapers and other unworldly creatures.
The side characters are equally intriguing. Kaylee has lost her mother when she was a toddler and her father has left her in his brother’s care, meaning Kaylee grew up with her good-natured Uncle Brendon, health freak and caring Aunt Val and vicious cousin Sophie. Then there is Emma, who gets Best Friend Award from me, and the reaper at the hospital and Nash’s mom, Harmony… I can’t wait to read more about them.

So, don’t let my prejudices and spoiled beginning cloud your mind about some amazing parts that are hidden in the book. Enjoy!


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