Sequel Review: Bone Crossed

Bone CrossedTitle:  Bone Crossed
Series: Mercy Thompson #4
Author: Patricia Briggs
Publisher: Ace (Penguin Group USA)
Original publication in: 2009

This is the U.S. mass market paperback edition.
***If you haven’t read Iron Kissed, please do yourself a favor and ignore this review***

Date read: July 21st 2013

Things really aren’t looking up for Mercy Thompson, the mechanic who can turn into a coyote. Just when she was trying to sort out the becoming-a-werewolf-Alpha’s-mate thing with Adam, Mercy’s mom shows up, having read about the incident in the newspaper. Shortly thereafter, a more-than-half-dead Stefan shows up, warning Mercy that “she knows” – meaning that Marsilia has somehow gotten hold of the information that Mercy had killed Andre. Soon after that, Amber, a college “friend” she hasn’t seen in years turns up, asking Mercy to get rid of a ghost that is haunting her house.
And then there is the image of two crossed bones on the garage door of her shop, an official symbol that Mercy is now an enemy of the vampires. Add in a super powerful and territorial vampire, a coup and panic attacks, and you’ve got Mercy’s full plate figured out.

Do you know feeling of not wanting to continue with a series because you are afraid, not how it will end but that it will end? I’m kinda going through that phase with Mercy Thompson series. The mass market paperback edition of Frost Burned is coming out on January 28th, 2014, and the eighth book in the series, Night Broken, is also coming out next year. There is one more Mercy book after that, probably in 2015.

But still, Mercy Thompson is an awesome series (so far) and I only have Silver Borne and River Marked left to tide me over till January, and that makes me anxious, I guess.

Coming back to Bone Crossed, I have to admit it was a notch better than Iron Kissed. Now that we have been introduced to the werewolves, vampires and fae, I love it how they all come together to play a role in Bone Crossed. (The role of fae being the smallest, I might add, so you don’t get a wrong picture.)
I loved learning about pack magic, seeing Mercy and Adam’s relationship develop and I just plain love Zee and Stefan. No need to explain why, I just do, like I love Mercy and Adam and Samuel and Warren.

Bone Crossed is a fast-paced and equal parts action and personal development. And nope, it does not end in a cliffhanger. Not this time.


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