Sequel Review: Iron Kissed

Iron KissedTitle: Iron Kissed
Series: Mercy Thompson #3
Author: Patricia Briggs
Publisher: Ace (Penguin Group USA)
Original publication in: 2008

This is U.S. mass-market paperback edition.

Date read: July 17th (?) ~ July 21st 2013

There had been several murders in the fae reservation in Walla Walla, and when Mercy’s tutor/former boss/friend Zee asks for her help as payment for his help against the vampires in Blood Bound, she agrees to it.
What started out as straight-forward enough turns complicated when Zee is framed for a murder and lands behind the bars of human police. Even after warnings from several sides, Mercy does not stop investigating – and gets pulled in to the world of fae more and more, much to their dislike and growing alarm.
All the while, Mercy also has to decide between Samuel and Adam, as both of them – and Adam’s pack – grow restless.

Iron Kissed  is my favorite Mercy book so far, even though the ending left a bitter taste, and that’s not even because it ended in a cliffhanger. (As I already own, admittedly,  Bone Crossed, that was never much of a problem.)

I have never been a fan of faery and other fae-similar beings. The “real” fae, I mean, not the glittery, giggly, pretty little faeries for children. I had only known about the latter when I came in contact with Holly Black’s Valiant when I was fifteen. Yeah, it was a kind of a culture shock.
What I mean to say is that I have since then not really been interested in the fairy folk. I don’t love Patricia Briggs’ fae, either, but they have certainly snagged my attention and interest with Iron Kissed.

Mercy is as awesome as ever, perhaps even more so. She loves her work, and her sense of loyalty and independence makes her one of the best heroines ever. I aspire to be like Mercy; I probably won’t be as half brave and cool, but hey, at least it is a place to start.

I sniffed out the villain relatively early in the book, maybe that’s because I already knew – and please take that as a lesson and don’t read any spoilers – what was going to happen.
As for Mercy’s other dilemma, well, I knew about it, too. And I love it how it all makes sense now.

Anyway, I loved Iron Kissed, and most of the characters, and give the series a go if you like Urban Fantasy.


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