Book Review: Alpha & Omega

Title: Alpha & Omega
Series: Alpha & Omega #0.5
Author: Patricia Briggs
Publisher: Penguin Group
Original publication in: 2007

I read the ebook edition that contains only Alpha & Omega. However, the novella was originally published in the anthology On the Prowl.

Date read: July 17th 2013

Anna Latham has been a werewolf for three years and so far, her life has been a hell. Since she is not a dominant wolf, she got tossed around in her Chicago pack a lot, and the Alpha let male wolves have her whenever they wanted. The pack also demands a tithe of 40% of her income, which is meager to begin with. And Anna is on constant fear from Justin, her crazy ex-boyfriend and second in command of the pack.
When she finally enlists the help of the Marrok, Bran sends Charles to sort out matters. Charles recognizes at once who Anna is – she is neither submissive nor dominant, she is an Omega. A rare wolf who has calming effects over others, her gift is invaluable to a pack.
Charles also realizes instantly that his inner wolf has claimed Anna as his mate – and a mystery surrounding the Chicago pack starts to unravel…

This prequel is actually a must-read before you start reading Cry Wolf, the first full-length novel in the series. Cry Wolf is a direct continuation of Alpha & Omega, and is at the same time set in the same world as Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson series.

Alpha & Omega has a direct link to Moon Called, the first Mercy Thompson book. Remember the newly turned werewolf in the beginning of the book, introduced as Mac? He was turned by Leo, the alpha of one of the two Chicago packs and sold to have experiments done on him. So while Mercy tries to solve the werewolf abduction, Charles flies to Chicago to solve the matters there.

The novella is short – on my Kindle 4, a page equals about 1%, so I was done with the book in less than an hour.
It has been more than a year since my last Mercy book – Blood Bound – but I had no trouble getting right back into Anna’s world. Alpha & Omega is told from both Anna’s and Charles’ POV in third person, and I just love them both! It was quite cool to see Charles out of control and Anna making recovery from flinching, broken woman to being strong and self-reliant once again.

I can’t wait to read Cry Wolf, but I’m also kind of upset that the series had only three books – Cry Wolf, Hunting Ground and Fair Game – so I don’t want to finish them off quickly. I think I will read Iron Kissed first.

I also love it that Aloha & Omega series will follow werewolves more closely than any other species while Mercedes Thompson books focuses on each type (you can deduce it from the titles). What can I say, Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten has spoiled any other magical race for me. (Well, except for her own witches / sorcerers, necromancers and half-demons.)


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