WRW #7: Maureen Johnson

Wednesday Reading Wishlist is inspired by Waiting on Wednesday by Breaking the Spine but I don’t feature future releases exclusively.

To celebrate Scarlett Fever for no reason, this week it is all about Maureen Johnson. So my collection will be complete.

1. (Scarlett #3) – Title To Be Announced
I just can’t wait to see further adventures of Scarlett and other Martins! Also, Max. Max, I’m counting on you, don’t turn out to be a d*ckhead, all right? I’m putting my faith in the male species in you. So don’t disappoint.

The Name of the Star2. The Name of the Star – Shades of London #1 (ISBN: 9780142422052)
See my post Why I decided again to read The Name of the Star.

3. The Madness Underneath – Shades of London #2 (ISBN: 9780142427545)The Madness Underneath
Read this book and I will be up-to-date.

4. Shadow Cabinet – To Be Released 2014

5. (Shades of London #4) – Title To Be Announced

What d’ya think, probably a 2015 book, no?


What do you think?

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