Sequel Review: The Rising

The RisingTitle: The Rising
Series: Darkness Rising #3
(“Otherworld YA” #6)
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Harper (Harper Collins USA)
Original publication on: April 2nd 2013

This is the U.S. hardcover edition.

Date read: July 10th 2013

I’m sorry, but this review will have to be short, I am deeply mourning the end of the series.

The Rising brought a satisfying end to the both YA trilogies while restoring my faith in Kelley Armstrong at the same time. Kelley Armstrong ended the series exactly where I wanted to and in a way that I just loved, loved, loved. Things that didn’t make sense to me in The Calling make total sense now, and I congratulate her for pulling this stunt off as smoothly as possible. (I fear there still will be angry fans out there, though. If you had asked me after The Gathering, I would have flipped out, too.)

So, as if to make up for the peaceful phase in The Gathering, Maya is constantly on the run, alternating between being captured and breaking out, with some friends but not with all of them. An unexpected character makes its appearance (no, not Chloe & Co.) and as usual, the book is full of action, vivid narration and awesome characterization of Maya. I don’t want to say the others fell flat but Maya as the narrator stood out.

There is not much to say, except that I am extremely happy with the ending. I would have wished for more for Maya and her friends and Chloe and her friends but I realize complete freedom when we are talking about Cabals is just not possible. So the end situation is the best one under the circumstances, and I’m really curious how the teens will end up to be but I have the feeling we won’t get to know that.
I also don’t think it will be wise to write another YA trilogy about another project group because it will be the same thing all over again: running from the Cabals or another evil scientist group over three books. The author has already tried to set up a different picture for Maya and her friends by creating Salmon Creek and died-out races but still, the Darkness Rising trilogy lacks the originality of Darkest Powers series. Also, Chloe’s trilogy had intentionally loose threads at the end of The Reckoning but The Rising tied all of those threads off in a satisfying and logical manner, so it won’t make any sense to write about another genetically modified teenage group on the run. But if she writes a series about the teens after a few years or so, I’ll be one of the first to buy it. (Kelley Armstrong has stated that “the series [is] done for now”.)

Oh, and if you are reading the Otherworld series but haven’t read Personal Demon (Book #8) yet, please go read it before you read The Rising, there is a spoiler for Personal Demon in a casual remark made by a side character in The Rising.
Generally, I would have found it rather confusing to navigate through the Cabal comments and politics without having read Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic.


2 thoughts on “Sequel Review: The Rising”

  1. Book morning is not unnatural, I felt that way following Kristin Cashore’s Graceling trilogy. :-) Romantic comedy films helped somewhat and cooking!


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