Sequel Review: Scarlett Fever

Point paperback edition
Point paperback edition

Title: Scarlett Fever
Series: Scarlett #2
Author: Maureen Johnson
Publisher: Point (Scholastic Inc.)
Original publication on: February 1st, 2010

This is the U.S. paperback edition.

Date read: July 8th 2013

Life goes on – and Scarlett is facing, among other things: a new school year with lots of schoolwork; her broken heart over Eric, who has the knack of turning up when she thinks of him the least; her new biology lab partner, Max, the older brother of AAA’s (Amy Amberson Agency) new 15-year-old client; her older brother, Spencer, who gets an audition after another and a rejection after another; her sister, Lola, getting back (kind of?) together with her ex-boyfriend Chip; her younger sister, Marlene, coming back from the Powerkid Camp transformed, she’s trying to be nice but actually it’s just scary.
Will Scarlett be able to weather the storm? Find out in this witty and fun sequel to Suit Scarlett.

OH MY GOODNESS. My emotions. I’m so happy right now and also very saaaaad!!

I am happy because: I re-discovered that trademarked MJ style that I loved soooo much. I was quite disappointed with Suite Scarlett last year so I didn’t have much hope for this one, but oh. My. Gosh. This is soooo good! I’m actually gushing right now, which I try not to do in a formal review. But there you have it.
Scarlett Fever is light-hearted, funny and follows not only Scarlett but also the other Martin siblings (not in narration, that’s strictly up to Scarlett, or, O’Hara, as Mrs. Amberson calls her), who are probably my most favorite fictional siblings ever, not because they get on with each other so well, but because they are so different from each other, but somehow they manage to stick together and stand up for each other.
There are acting and actors in this book, both of which are not really my favorite themes in a book (that’s why I did not like Suit Scarlett that much, I think) but Scarlett Fever also contains school stuff, music stuff, working-for-a-unique-boss-in-the-truest-sense stuff, an irritating yet irresistible Max, a tiny dog with shot nervous system, a cranky doorman, Scarlett’s friends and other annoying yet shockingly real characters.

The reasons I am so heart-broken are for one the ending, which was very dramatic and cliff-hanger-ish. (I’ll tell you right now: Scarlett, if I were you, and I wish I were, because you are so cool, smart and the real you, I’d choose Max over Eric any day. Forget Eric, he’s a cheater. What’s worse, he’s a cheater who doesn’t even have a spine to make a real move on you, which means, I interpret, he’s not that into you. So forget about him. Like right now.)
The second reason, and more urgent one, is that the third book of the Scarlett series, is not out yet, in fact, Maureen Johnson is working on it right now, it doesn’t even have a title, and I guess Auntie MJ will finish the four-book Shades of London series first before she turns back to Scarlett #3 full-time. I’m really anticipating that book right now, and I don’t want it to be a half-hearted, sorry-I’m-in-the-middle-of-a-series book, so take your time, Auntie MJ, and please do the final book in the Scarlett series the justice it deserves. I will wait for you and the book.

So there you have it. If you are an MJ junkie, like me, pick up this book if you haven’t already read it, and if you are not, pick it up anyway. It might not be for everyone for Maureen Johnson has a very distinct style that no one can match but I love her, and her style, so I will definitely be reading The Shade of the London series as soon as The Madness Underneath comes out as paperback in the U.S. (December 10th). That’s a promise.


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