WRW #5 – 1: New Authors (Classics)

Wednesday Reading Wishlist is inspired by Waiting on Wednesday by Breaking the Spine but I don’t feature future releases exclusively.

Wordsworth Editions says it's Volume 1 of 2... I wonder what about the other three?
These two Wordsworth Editions volumes contain all five books from the original.

1. Les Misérables Victor Hugo (ISBN: 9781853260858)
This French / world classic follows about various characters during the early 1800s. (I think the book covers several decades.) Not only is this book a must for me, I now even know a little about the historical background (thanks to History II).

2. Middlemarch  – George Eliot a.k.a. Mary Anne Evans (ISBN: 9781853262371)
To my knowledge Middlemarch is the most famous book by Evans, and is set a little prior to, let’s say, North and South. Both books – throw in Shirley to this addition – surround the social upheaval in the 19th century caused by the industrialization.

the most recent cover by Wordsworth Editions
the most recent cover by Wordsworth Editions

3. Lady Audley’s Secret – Mary Elizabeth Braddon (ISBN:

I came across this book by accident while browsing Wordsworth Editions’ website. Lady Audley’s Secret seems to be a well-known Victorian sensation novel.

4. Gone With the Wind – Margaret Mitchell
To this day, my mom praises this book up and down. I’ve only watched the movie, though, and this is my resolve to change that.

The Complete Mapp & Lucia Vol 1
Of course, Wordworth Editions

5. The Complete Mapp & Lucia: Vol. 1 – E. F. Benson (ISBN: 9781840226737)
The Mapp & Lucia series is set in the early 20th century and follows Mrs Lucia and Miss Mapp. It is supposed to be Jane Austen-isque. This bind-up contains Queen Lucia, Miss Mapp, Lucia in London.

6. East of Eden – John Steinbeck (ISBN: 9780141185071)
A fellow blogger whose opinions I respect has this book as one of his favorites. Also, you know, Steinbeck. No, not the piano.


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