This and That – thoughts on blogging and reading

So I was going through 5 or so book blogs I have never been to before. It was fun, as it often is when you visit another booklover and reader’s website and see a post about a book you have read because I found this is the easiest way for me to bond with another person than having an awkward small talk.

The book blogs I had visited were all blogs on classic literature, which is not very surprising since I started out from
The owner of Books and Reviews writes many insightful and cozy reviews on classics, but she also reads non-classics.
Which reminds me.
I think it’s cool when a blog has a certain “theme” – be it on technological gadgets, parenting, traveling, journaling or reading classic books.
I sometimes envy those people who can do that – I tried several times to separate “book blog” from “private blog”, only to have combine them somehow by deleting one and using the other as a big, mish-mash, melting-pot kind of blog.
Which is also cool.
I mean, I’m not here to dictate which is better, I just personally think being able to stick to one central theme is awesome because that way you can dig deeper, become more professional, and people who do not want to read any crap not related to the topic will be happy. I mean, you could have a sort of reference blog, as in Hey! I know site zzz concentrates on sleeping disorder, it’s like a Wikipedia! So since I heard today about some thing or other called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, I’ll go there to look it up!

Beyond awesome.
Wait, I keep digressing. This is my blog, for goodness’ sake, so I should be able to concentrate what I want to say for five minutes.
What I want to say is this: My main interest lies in reading and other book-related activities. I take pleasure from reading various genres (by which I mean more than a couple, but don’t expect me to love cookbooks and fantasy and biographies and books about dolphins), which, I like to think, makes me more open-minded to different opinions. But maybe because of this, my interest in one genre shifts from time to time. I’d be like super into one genre for a couple of weeks and then lose interest for the next five.

This is the reason why I cannot participate in The Classics Club challenge, which sounds so crazily superb fun and engaging and educational and just You are geniuses! for people who have founded it. Their aim is to find and challenge classic-readers (non-classic ones too, I’m sure) to broaden their horizon and deepen their love / interest in classic literature. And to spread the word.
The challenge rules are also unique and much more free and personal than most others. Basically you have to choose at least 50 classic works you pledge to read in the next five years. Your time span can be shorter if you wish to, but not longer.
So it’s like ten classics a year, right? Should be doable, it’s not even a book a month if you read nothing else.
But I chickened out. I just couldn’t guarantee that my interest in classic would last long enough for me to finish ten books in a year. Not at one sitting, of course, but this sprinkled-throughout-months is a bad habit of mine. If I lose interest in the current book, I just drop it, hoping in few months it will be more fun.
And, of course, I still have 200+ books (without the classics on the list it would be like 170+) that I am anxious to get over with.
Hear that? It’s that bad. My crazy book-buying habit has finally caught up with me and has released a load of stress on me, nagging me to read those books already. AHAHAHAHAHA because it’s so easy to read that many books in three months! Also, and this is weird, I’m having harder time picking out the next book in this deep, wide sea of new titles that are waiting for my finger to twitch in their direction. Somehow, if you have read everything on your shelves at least twice, you devour any new book.

So this long, inconsistent rambling comes to an end, and I have come to the conclusion that I will first work on reading my 200-odds titles first in the next five years. And then, if you are still there, The Classics Club, I will join you. Definitely.


What do you think?

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