Scary Stuff

Scary stuff keeps happening here. First there was this naked man in front of the Berliner Rathaus with a knife nicking himself and ultimately attacked a police officer when approached. He died after a second officer fired a shot.
Then there’s the soon-to-be-teacher man with a training as emergency medical technician who poisoned three men with overdoses of K.-o.-Tropfen, which is like date rape drug, or Liquid Ecstasy.

Personally I had four or five loud, confusing and draining dreams, in two of which I got almost married (to a girl I knew and to a guy I’ve never seen in real life before). I bailed in the last minute, though. Maybe the dreams are warning me to be cautious of any new relationship, friends or otherwise.
The other two I remember are so weird and exhausting that I’ll just let them fade out of my memory.


What do you think?

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