Sequel Review: Divided in Death

The covers always away give some important details; although I don't know what a teddy is doing here
The covers always give away some important details; although I don’t know what a teddy is doing here.

Title: Divided in Death
Series: In Death #18
Author: J. D. Robb (pseudonym, better known as Nora Roberts, which is, incidentally, also a pseudonym)
Publisher: Berkley (Penguin Group USA)
Original publication in: 2004

This is a mass market paperback edition with a reissued cover.

Date read: June 6th – June 9th

A woman, who just learned that her husband is cheating on her with her best friend, storms in fury to catch them in act, only to find them already dead – brutally murdered. Now this woman, Reva Ewing, is framed for double-murder.
Lieutenant Eve Dallas however believes Reva to be innocent and starts to investigate… and along the way, there are more murders, a terrorist group called Doomsday, a terrifying “anti-terrorist group” called Homeland Security Organization, a deadly computer worm that could have global consequences.

At first I wondered at the title: What is divided? I realized rather later that it could be referring to the lines between HSO and Doomsday, and also between HSO and the government, or more importantly, the line between HSO and Doomsday (the bad guys) and Eve and the NYPSD (the good ones). If you narrow down, the title also could mean the division of personal beliefs between Eve and Roarke.

Division in Death is a nice addition to the In Death series, although by no means my favorite. DiD has twists and just the right amount of personal elements of characters to balance out the long investigation process.
I think the reason why I’m not so taken by these books are that while I admire Eve’s strength and Roarke’s multi-talent, we could never be friends. I’m too intimidated by both of them. Eve is like this bad-ass cop with a firm sense of justice (although she sometimes needs the help of husband’s unregistered computer to solve murders) and I chalk up her moody temper and smart mouth as personality quirks I just do not love her like Peabody, Mira and Mavis do. Roark, on the other hand, is this gorgeously¬† handsome, insanely rich and intelligent super-guy but I find him a tad bit possessive (can’t blame him though) and just… cold. He isn’t really cold at core, or at surface, but he’s just too slick. I think I’m more likely to fall for McNab, if it comes to that.
I am fond of all the characters, and I will very probably keep up-to-date with the series but it isn’t my favorite NR series.


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