Novella: Among the Nameless Stars

Among the Nameless Stars is an ebook novella and the prequel to the book For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund. It has twelve short chapters, about 50 pages in total, I’d guess?
In this novella we meet a young “Post” (which stands for Post-Reductionist, as I later found out, and had nothing to do with post offices) named Kai, who has left the North estate behind so he can reach Channel City and freedom. He writes letters to a girl named Elliot North, a Luddite, in his head and finds strength to endure hardships.

From what I can gather, there are three types of people in Peterfeund’s world: The Luddites, the Reduced and the Posts. I assume there was a great disease or something that swept through the humanity (turns out it was genetic experiments) and made most of humans to “Reduced” with limited intelligence (it is implied they don’t even understand words so they use hand gestures) who are used as labor force and whose employers (the Luddites) are obliged to take care of them.
The Post-Reductionists are also slaves to the employers that own their parents, but unlike their previous generation, Posts are born healthy and normal just like Luddites. Yet they also are used as labor force.
At last we come to the Luddites, whose concept was the most difficult to grasp because it’s the least explained. I think they are people who were not affected by the Reduction, that disease or other that, well, Reduced the others. The Luddites are also rich, something like gentry, and are resistant to changes, like their name suggests.

I was less taken by the world than I was by Kai, who, at fourteen, is a clever boy determined to make it through in Channel City even when his life becomes much harder after a mean, successful Post named Pen sets his eyes on him.
I’d read For Darkness Shows Stars for Kai alone if the world intrigued me more. I’m also a bit wary of this Elliot, who refused to run away with Kai against her promise, although I’d have done the same thing were I in her place.


What do you think?

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