Book Review: Succubus Blues

Succubus Blues (MMP)Title: Succubus Blues
Series: Georgina Kincaid #1
Author: Richelle Mead
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Original publication in: 2007

This is mass market paperback edition.

Date read: June 4th

Georgina Kincaid is a succubus with love of reading – who, by the way, works as an assistant manager in a local book store as a day job. At night? Well, that’s when she turns to her succubus nature… because she needs energies she gets from men she sleeps with to sustain her immortal life.
In this first volume of a six-book series, Georgina meets her favorite author, Seth Mortensen, has to overcome sexual pulls to good guys whose souls she doesn’t want to send to hell, and find a mysterious killer who’s attacking the lesser immortals – like vampires, imp, and succubus.

Well, that was a vague summary. But I don’t want it to give any false or exaggerated impressions – like the blurb of my edition does. It implies that there is something serious going on between Seth and Georgina, but I daresay our Georgie is preoccupied with other events that demand her attention… such as deaths and assaults of immortals she knows and her attraction to Roman.

Snippets of Georgina’s past is scattered throughout the whole book; we also learn the story behind her becoming a succubus (because she’s been a mortal first). The fact that Georgina belongs to hell rather than heaven is also new to me – most protagonists I encounter are either descendents of the good guys or there is no sharp distinction between good and evil. Of course, I’m not implying Georgina’s evil – because while she did some stupid (more like careless) things, I have to admire her strength to carry through what she believes is right to correct her wrong. Although I think her new contract with Jerome at the end is more based on egoistic reasons, I do not condemn her for it. Everyone of us deserves a break now and then – especially when we are trying to be repair the damage we’ve done. And to me it is always a plus to be a big reader, of course.
We also have some things in common; we’re both fickle in love, for example. And the terrific-at-following-instructions-but-unable-to-create-anything-new thing? So true!

As for the urban fantasy aspects of the book, it was refreshing to meet a supernatural being that I didn’t know before – but Richelle Mead’s other adult series, Dark Swan series, centers around a shaman, which was also a first for me. And reading from Georgina’s perspective, it scant a different light on the often-used concept of angels and demons (either turned mortals or fallen angels).

Now I come to Seth, a shy and introverted guy with author’s forgetfulness of the world. He’s one of the major characters for upcoming books. Not that he was insignificant in this one; he just didn’t have that much pages, considering I expected him to be Georgie’s love interest from chapter one.
Seth is one of the sweetest and nicest hero I’ve ever read, so much so that it is more like a wishful thinking. And doesn’t it just suck that he and Georgina can’t ever be physically intimate for then his life force will be drained – not kill him, I think, but certainly dangerous. I still don’t understand which man sells his soul to the hell when he sleeps with her and which just gets months of his life span shortened.

I’m intent on exploring Georgina’s world and life more – but I’m not sad to leave a break between Succubus Blues and Succubus on Top.


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