Bogus to Bubbly: A Guide to the Uglies series

Bogus to Bubbly Bogus to Bubbly: An Insider’s Guide to the World of Uglies
by Scott Westerfeld

Publisher: Simon Pulse (imprint of Simon & Schuster)
Original Publication: 2008
Page count: 196

This is the U.S. paperback edition.

When I first read the Uglies series –Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras-, I was mind. Blown. All those new terms and cool gadgets (flying hoverboards!) were bewildering at first but I soon immersed into Tally’s world to the point that “I” was actually not in the real world anymore.

This is the awesome guide for the awesome series by the awesome author. There are quite a few series guides like Bogus to Bubbly out there but most of them are recap of the original series and have only little new information to add. Even Blue Bloods’ Keys to the Repository got 4 stars from me only because of the new short stories and the character profiles (if you have lived hundreds of time, your past identities get tangled up with others’).

Bogus to Bubbly contains:
*a manual on how to ride hoverboards
*Maps of Tally’s city and of North America
*History chapters – the fall of the Rusty and rise of the Pretty Committee, as well as few paragraphs to bridge the gap between Specials and Extras.
*Science lessons: Science of Beauty, Magnetic Levitation and Nanos – all useful and interesting information
*Gadgets, slang, cliques, names of the important characters
*Life phases during Pretty Time (littlie, ugly, new pretty, middle pretty, crumbly)
*Reputation Economics – how Aya’s society works
*Cool tidbits of the author himself (He reads Nana by Ai Yazawa and it’s his favorite manga series! How bubbly is that!!! My confusion about the lack of -san suffix is also cleared.)

… [M]aybe we’ll simply learn to ask every time we want something: Is this shiny new toy worth carving up another fraction of the earth? …
-Bogus to Bubbly, p. 57

I often fight with the materialism side of me, most of it involving acquisition of books. If I can remember to do it, I feel guilty every time I buy something that was not edible. Most of times I feel guilty in retrospect, as in: Did I really need this squiggly plush toy that does nothing but lie around?
Even if I fall back on my efforts to be environmental friendly, though, Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series cheers me up and makes me feel determined. I’m so grateful he wrote these books!


2 thoughts on “Bogus to Bubbly: A Guide to the Uglies series”

  1. I read and loved this series when I was younger – this guide does look like it contains a plethora of useful information! Great post, and I’m glad the books have made you think about materialism and other superficial aspects of life, as they did for me.


    1. Yay, I’m so glad you liked the Uglies books, too! The first time I read the books, I couldn’t get the problems our materialistic society faces out of my head.
      Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy is also good but it does not have the same edge and thoughtfulness as Uglies series.


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