Friday Reading Update #2

What I read:

  • Child of the Mist (These Highland Hills) by Kathleen Morgan – I have downloaded this ebook for free half a year ago because it’s 1) historical 2) fictional 3) set in Scotland and 4) set in 16th century. On sudden impulse, I started reading it and finished it in half a day. Enjoyable, better than expected (because, it has to be said, my expectation was nil), but no interest in the follow-ups
  • Living With the Dead (Otherworld #9) by Kelly Armstrong (re-read) – more complicated and better than I remembered
  • Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult: I started this book because I was interested in knowing more about the Amish, and what better way to start than with Picoult’s thorough research wrapped around a moral problem and wonderful story?

Currently reading:

  • Violet on the Runway (re-read): making progress, and having a lot more sympathy with the main character than the first time around
  • Last Christmas (re-read): Still in stagnation. May not finish the re-read and skip right ahead to Privilege. I’m morbidly curious with Ariana Osgood. Sure, she’s what people call “crazy”. She has very low threshold for stress, cares way too much about what people think about her, is still reliving traumatic childhood and has an unhealthy relationship with her mother. The tipping point, though, that distinguishes her from other sensitive, OCD-ish people with bad childhood is that Ariana Osgood turns to inflicting violence (to be more precise, murder) in order to 1. keep up her façade and 2. release stress because, obviously, getting rid of the source of stress is the way to go. (Normally, I’m all for it, but NOT when it comes to other people! Like, have a lot of homework that gets on your nerves? Eliminate them! But for goodness’ sake don’t kill your ex-significant other just because he/she doesn’t love you anymore!) Adding fuel to the fire, Ariana has no moral, no sense of what is wrong and what isn’t. And of course, she herself is never a target of her own harsh judgment.
  • Gone (Gone #1) by Michael Grant (re-read): I read this about two years ago in one night so the details are fuzzy. The BookTuber (Tiernan)’s high praise about the series convinced me to re-read Gone again, and so far, it’s good.


  • Frostbitten (Otherworld #10): Put on hold for the moment because I needed a tiny break from their world.

What I got:

  • The Warrior’s Path (When Women Were Warriors #1) by Catherine M. Wilson: A historical fiction set in Bronze Age in what we know today as England. A time period during which it was common for women to be warriors… bring it on! The ebook version was for free on Amazon.

Next on reading plan:

  • Waking the Witch
  • Spell Bound
  • Thirteen
  • The Gathering
  • The Calling
  • The Rising
  • Chasing Fire
  • Violet by Design
  • Violet in Private
  • Privilege
  • Beautiful Disaster
  • North of Beautiful
  • Bright Young Things
  • Beautiful Days
  • Hunger

Next on shopping list:

  • Lies
  • Plague

What do you think?

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