Intermission: The Van Alen Legacy

The Van Alen Legacy #4 – The Van Alen Legacy

For me, the fourth book in the Blue Bloods series is an intermission of sorts because it is an in-between book, not just number-wise but also because there are many loose threads carried over from the last book: We know the truth about Lucifer now, but what will happen to Bliss? What is Schuyler doing? How will the Conclave, who is not even fully convinced of what has happened, carry on after the massacre in Rio? What about Forsyth?
So many questions, ready to be answered in The Van Alen Legacy. Alas, not right away. We have to endure chapters of excessive descriptions – of the Bal des Vampires, the Hampton house and whatnot. We learn that Sky and Oliver are on the run from the New York Conclave, that Sky has been falsely accused. We also learn that more than a year has passed since the events of Revelations. That’s too stretching, in my opinion. Seriously, couldn’t half a year have  sufficed?
Anyway, we learn that Mimi is now on Kingsley’s Venator team and that Bliss is still being plagued by The Visitor and worse. From that point on (and 80-something pages later) the story starts to unfold, and then it’s action and heartbreak all the way.

In The Van Alen Legacy, all three girls – Bliss, Mimi and Schuyler – show an inner strength that was slumbering inside them. Their motivations vary – which are defeating The Visitor, not really known, and staying alive, respectively.
As I’ve mentioned in another post, this fourth volume marks my growing fondness for Mimi. She’s still Azrael, Angel of Death, who can be ruthless, quick to strike and haughty. Yet she also has a compassionate, intelligent side of her that tries to right the wrong.
Also, Sky and Jack’s affections for each other takes a level of maturity that surpasses the physical attraction that was predominant in Revelations. On the other hand, Schuyler and Oliver form a tight bond that goes beyond a vampire-Conduit or even vampire-Familiar relationship. Almost gone is Oliver’s angst that has annoyed me so much in the previous book.

And the end… it is too heartbreaking to speak of it. I mean, Melissa de la Cruz establishes this Code, and then she all but slashes it in two. And while we know it is wrong to do so, we root for it… this is all so messed up.


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