Reading Update

What I read:

  • Audrey,  Wait!  by Robin Benway
  • (added around 7 PM): Finished the first book in the Drake Chronicles. I got the bind-up for the first three books as ebook. I can’t keep the Drake brothers apart yet. Nicholas is the youngest (the sexy one) brother and next-to-youngest sibling. Logan is a year older. Sebastian is the eldest. The rest… ummm, there are Quinn, Duncan, Conner and one more boy.  [Edit: Marcus] I’m really, really interested in reading more of Lucy and Nicholas, but each Drake brother takes one book to play a major part in. (Nicholas’ is already gone without being a narrator ’cause Lucy already was.)

What I am waiting for to arrive on my doorstep:

  • The Rising by K. Armstrong, the one I’d pre-ordered months ago. This means that now I can start re-reading The Gathering to complete the trilogy.
  • Misguided Angel & Lost in Time by M. de la Cruz – I am also waiting for them so I can finish the series. I already have the final book, Gates of Paradise. I could have picked them up at the book store yesterday but then I ordered I Am Number Four and Beautiful Days, so I am picking them all up probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.

What I am going to read now:
Probably not The Gathering right away. Still not sure. I started reading Audrey, Wait! yesterday because it was on my eReader and I thought, why not?


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