Why I decided again to read The Name of the Star

When I first heard there was going to be a new MJ book that was not The Last Little Blue Envelope (at that time I had yet to read Blue Envelope series), I was thrilled. It’s Maureen Johnson! I looooove her The Bermudez Triangle and Devilish! She’s a genius!

Well. That was before I got disappointed by three books in row: Suite Scarlett, 13 Little Blue Envelopes and The Last Little Blue Envelope.

And I still have Scarlett Fever and Girl at Sea at home, unread and kind of dreading.

But I still want to read her most recent series, Shades of London. The reason behind it is not just because MJ is a cool person. (Check out her blog at http://www.maureenjohnsonbooks.com/blog before she moved to tumblr. Or her appearances in vlogbrothers videos or any other videos – she’s hilarious!)
No, I want to read The Name of the Star because The Name of the Star intrigues me. This first book in the Shades of London series is about Rory, a girl from Louisiana who somehow ends up attending a British boarding school. Strike one: boarding school. Simply put, I’m crazy about ’em. Probably why I want to see through Private series, but I digress…
Then murders in style of Jack the Ripper starts happening. Strike two: Real mystery in YA! Maureen Johnson said that when she’d been in England, she went on a tour of some scary/ghost stories and they’d been so boring that she decided to write one herself. I’ll take her words on it.
During the fourth murder, Rory witnesses the murderer… that no one else can see. Now she’s next on the target list. Strike three: Suspense + paranormal elements + heroine as potential victim

I’m sold.


What do you think?

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