Reading Update

Books I bought:

  • Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong (ordered waaay before SuB-Abbau Plan)

Books currently (re-)reading:

  • One Man’s Art by Nora Roberts (I like Gennie!)
  • Violet on Runway (re)
  • Blue Bloods (re)
  • Broken (re)

Thoughtfully pondering:

  • Should I finish Private and Privilege series? I already kind of know what happens (hello Wikipedia!) but still…
  • Should I read the Gossip Girl series? But I gather it’s really more about Blair-Nate-Serena problems without Chuck in the picture. Plus the last three (or four?) books in the series are ghostwritten and I don’t like ghostwritten books due to Alloy Entertainment sucky policy (see: L. J. Smith and her Vampire Diaries series and Secret Circle series).
  • Damn, I’m losing interest in the Blue Bloods series again after having ordered the rest of the series…
  • I somehow don’t want to continue Broken…
  • Geez, I have too many books I want to read. Okay, concentrate on those you have, Em…
  • I really should re-read the In Death books before I continue with No. 18… starting from Vengeance.

What do you think?

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